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Treaux Eats

TreauxMatic Smart Cup

TreauxMatic Smart Cup

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TreauxMatic Smart Cup

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What’s Included:

  •   TreauxMatic electric shaker bottle
  •   TreauxEats custom packaging
  •   Around the clock customer service from TreauxEats's team
  •   Charging USB C power cord


No More Clumps: The TreauxMatic Smart Cup will blast away every clump for a silky smooth protein shake. This next generation technology will give you a step up on your wellness journey.

Transparent Front: TreauxMatic offers a transparent "see through" front face of the cup so that you always know when you're shake is ready to be consumed.

Handles Thick Powders: Engineered to easily blend any powder you put into it.  The TreauxMatic USB C rechargeable smart cup mixer is the perfect solution for a consistently silky smooth shake.

Easy Clean: Just add soap and water into the TreauxMatic Smart Cup and switch it to the "ON" position for a quick and easy wash.

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